Everyday Mathematics

Play the popular games from the Everyday Mathematics Program that help students practice math concepts and skills.

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EMGames for Everyday Math

Everyone Wins ... When Everyone Plays!

Games are an integral part of the Everyday Mathematics program. EM Games offers popular computer games that make basic skills practice fun. EM Games are available online or on CD-ROM for Early Childhood (PreK-K) through Grade 6.

These grade-level appropriate games provide practice with concepts and basic skills; build computational and math fluency; and add a little friendly competition to help motivate learning.

EMGames Main Menu

Easy to Manage

  • No additional planning to incorporate into instruction
  • Challenge and Skillbuilder game menus for play at specific skill levels
  • Management system to monitor student progress (online version only)
  • Detailed audio instructions for each game
  • Computation Practice and Facts Practice games clearly labeled

Fun to Play

  • Dozens of new and redesigned games to motivate students
  • Classic EM Games also included
  • One- and two-player game options for playing alone or with a friend

Designed for Success

  • Practice basic skills and build critical thinking
  • Develop mathematical strands
  • Build computation and fact fluency
  • Receive student feedback on all mathematical concepts

EM Games Online

  • Access to all grade-level games
  • Game playing from home
  • Real-time performance data
  • Management system generates report by the student, class, or building
  • Features of the online management system include:
    • Detailed reports on the skill success of each game
    • Records the amount of time students are playing the games
    • Run class reports by student or game
    • Students' scores are kept current after each game play
    • Administrator view allows a comparison of progress for all classrooms
  • EM Games Online also available as part of the Deluxe eSuite
  • Available in Classroom and Building Subscriptions

EM Games on CD-ROM

  • CD-ROM for every grade level, with Skillbuilder and Challenge games
  • No internet access required!
  • A chance for families to play games together at home
  • Individual student, classroom, and building versions are available.
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